Would You Like Skips Music To Cover Your Event? 

Skips Music is a store to relate with because for a very long time it has been an associate of Valley's music scene.  The Skip started their operations with one-man, when he, Skip was solely give call service to customers to where it is now with three service locations that are full.  Skips Music has grown along with the community that it sits in.    They have served the community, offered competitive rates and offered very good selections.  Customers are free to go to Skips Music and enroll in music lessons, see the different music equipments. 

Sound equipment rental and production rentals is one area that Skips Music has decided to specialize in making their shop a one-stop shop for event production in the line Crew and stage management, staging, lighting and professional sound.  In some instances they offer them for sale.  

Logistical management, lighting, power, crowd control and backline services are all solutions that Skip's Music Production Group a subsidiary of Skip's Music Inc. offers.  Institutions and companies that need video and audio design and system installation get their services from this division.  Their consultants evaluate and discuss your solutions on site about the practicality of your need and efficiency. 

Skips music stores sacramento offers discounts to rentals of orchestra and band instruments to their customers.  You are only required to fill out a form and the instruments that you need are brought to you as soon as possible.  Repairing band and orchestra equipment in Skips Music is handled by Sacramento technicians on their on-site shop in Sacramento. 

They are also ready to provide timely and quality repair or service to any band or orchestra instruments like percussion, brass, stringed or woodwind.   In Sacramento, Skips Music has a considerable inventory of rental gear and backline too. 

There are music lessons that are offered in Skips Music.  Their instructors are top notch in Sacramento and they specialize in harmonica, guitar, piano and voice teaching.  

The repair department in Skips music does it all ranging from electronics, electronic repair, drums, rentals, guitars, corporate and institution sales.  They repair anything they sell.  There are several video and audio electronics which technicians in Skips Music are able to repair. 

Skips music lead in repairs with their non-warranty and warranty repair and diagnostic services.  A guitar is a very cherished equipment therefore in case it develops some problems it is advisable to entrust to the able hands of Skips Music luthiers.  

In summary, Skips Music is able to adjust your guitar, offer music lessons, or even make available sound systems for any event you may have.